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Product Information

A peaceful and relaxing space.
Bathrooms with original designs.

Baths that are used in Japanese inns, hotels, businesses, and even for private use in one’s own home or area.

In Ustech, we offer diverse types of baths, ranging from custom made bathtubs, standardized unit baths and shower booths, all of which are uniquely and originally developed by the company through our design concept based on a long track record.

Baths for Homes (ERN Series)

Baths for Homes (ERN Series)

This is a product developed for private spaces and homes which utilizes techniques used in made-to-order bathtubs for hotels and Japanese inns. Wanting to offer healing and satisfaction to various customers through our service, we have gathered the most popular and in-demand coordinates and sizes, as well as offering a lot of support with our carefully selected technical specifications for each bath.

Made to Order Bathtubs (ERABISO)

Made to Order Bathtubs (ERABISO)

The first to develop and introduce to several Japanese Inns, hotels, homes, and nursing homes.
Not only do we offer open air baths in guestrooms, we also manufacture bathtubs in large formats similar to those in public baths.


Unit Bath (WABURO)

Since there is high demand for durability and maintenance, we have selected high quality materials that bring about the best in Japanese-style baths, which we install in high class condominiums, as well as in the residences of various well known people from their respective fields. We are proposing the ultimate bathroom to replace the unsatisfactory “normal bathrooms” that have existed up to now.


Water Outlet (JIYUGUCHI)

The beauty and appeal found in the presence of wood and stone is an important factor in enhancing the feeling of being in an onsen. Because our water outlet’s inner structure is made of stainless steel, the hot water does not touch the material of the surface. Because of this, our product exceeds the durability of current wooden water outlets. The internal plumbing arrangement also eases installation.