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Standard Models

Freedom to create, freedom to customize.
A beautiful bathtub that can be integrated into the bathroom as one pleases to further deepen the impression it gives.
Our customers may freely order their preferred design and size, and we shall deliver to the best of our ability.


The finished product shown above is made completely out of stone. No wood was used at all in this product.
It has an exceeding durability and thick composition, having 15mm stone spread all over its body.
We recommend this type to those who like a sharp image to their bathtub.


This product is geared toward those who would like a bathtub made of wood but are worried about the handling and care related to this material. This product addresses this concern by having a frame made of wood and an interior made of stone. With this, the bathtub gives an appearance that is similar to a fully wooden bath. The balance between its excellent durability and its form is its best asset. This is a customer favorite out of ERABISO’s (選美槽) 4 types.


The bathtub’s interior and frame is made of wood, whereas the base is made out of stone. Stone was utilized for the base, taking into consideration its durability and safety.


The product shown above is our wood type. This bathtub is for those who want to fully enjoy the atmosphere brought about by wood. To ensure that there are no leakages, this bathtub is not made solely from Japanese cypress wood, but rather utilizes a stainless or FRP tub on the inside as well, making this a spectacular product.

ERABISO’s (選美槽) Finishing Touches in a Glance

Type Frame Interior Base
Wood Wood Wood Wood
Wall Wood Wood Stone or Tile
Rockwood Wood Stone or Tile Stone or Tile
Stone Stone or Tile Stone or Tile Stone or Tile


Woods stones