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"JIYUGUCHI", Our Original Water Outlet

The beauty and appeal found in the presence of wood and stone is an important factor in enhancing the feeling of being in an Onsen.

Due to the fact that our water outlet’s inner structure is independently made of stainless steel, the hot water does not touch the material of the surface directly. Because of this, our product exceeds the durability of current wooden water outlets. Since the plumbing arrangement is internal, installation is also quite easy.


Original Water Outlet

A delicate and refined form made from wood and stone materials that exemplify Japanese beauty, strongly fascinating those who see it.
Our waterfall outlet is molded with a refined design with superior functionality and creates elegant ripples on the bath’s surface as it flows water to the bathtub.
We have developed rich design variations ranging from models that give the impression of elegance similar to high class furniture, to ones that give a strong and robust feel that is exemplified by our stone model.
As we mold classic shapes into more modern ones, we are able to create an even more impressive polished form.



Interior made from strong and stable stainless steel

The interior stainless structure is highly protected from humidity and dampness. Because of this, our wooden waterfall outlets boast of a higher durability compared to others that have been released in the market to date.


Plumbing manufactured along with the body

There is no need for difficult construction or installation methods. The product may be used immediately as soon as the internal plumbing of the product is set up in the bathroom.


WS-SN1 (木製)

WS-SN1 (Wood)

【Material】Wood(Hinoki: Japanese cypress)
【Maximum Water Capacity】22ℓ/min
【Price】¥90,000(tax not included)



【Maximum Water Capacity】22ℓ/min
【Price】¥150,000 (tax not included)

WS-S ショートタイプ(木製)3/4×3ヵ所配管付

WS-S Short Type (Wood)
Piping with (3) 3/4 inch sockets

【Price】¥113,800 (tax not included)

 />SS-S ショートタイプ(石製)3/4×3ヵ所配管付

SS-S Short Type (Stone)
Piping with (3) 3/4 inch sockets

【Price】¥165,000 (tax not included)

WS-T トールタイプ(木製)3/4×3ヵ所配管付

WS-T Tall Type (Wood)
Piping with (3) 3/4 inch sockets

【Price】¥217,100 (tax not included)

SS-T トールタイプ(石製)3/4×3ヵ所配管付

SS-T Tall Type (Stone)
Piping with (3) 3/4 inch sockets

【Price】¥234,100 (tax not included)


SR-S (Stone)

【Price】¥198,000 (tax not included)

SC-S コーナー型(石製)

SC-S Corner Model (Stone)

【Price】¥180,000 (tax not included)

※Water stopper is not included.
※Delivery charge is not included.
※Appointed date of delivery is around 2 months after the order is made.
※In order to provide even better services, some technical specifications (appearance, functions, abilities) of the products may change without prior notice.

A glance at the products that JIYUGUCHI may be established with



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