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The healing and relaxation from hotels brought to your daily life


Going beyond the usual unit baths.

Going beyond the usual unit baths.

Much progress has been reached in making the lives of people better. Given this, however, bathrooms still have a much room for improvement. Knowing this, we--who have continually made bathtubs for many hotels and inns to date--created WABURO: a bath brimming with healing.

This beautiful Japanese-style design does not limit itself to the conventional way that baths are made.
After all, the bathroom is the place where one’s day starts and ends, making it an appropriate and tranquil space where one may slowly relax and reconnect with nature through the rich materials used. Truly, the bathroom is transforming into a place in one’s home where healing is the center focus.

WABURO’s Features

Order Unit Bath

Order Unit Bath

We cater to the wishes of our customers from ground zero, giving them full liberty from the design all the way to the materials to be used. In addition to this, we continue to develop the features of our custom-made orders and package models as well.
We strive to exceed the general notion of what a ‘bathroom’ is, taking the features of baths of the present and producing an even higher quality product.
Through the extravagant use of rich, natural materials, tiles and the like, and combining these with practical functionality, we are able to create our customer’s ideal bathroom.

Freedom to create your space’s layout

Freedom to create your space’s layout

Whether it is the architectural skeleton, or even the separate installation method of the unit bath, we can create it all with natural materials while still ensuring its high waterproof capability and safety.
We have raised our customer’s ability to design the layout of one’s space to a larger breadth, giving them total freedom to create as they wish.




Semi-order unit bath. The tile border (made in Italy) plays a part in giving the space a modern Japanese flair. This line is made for those who prefer a metropolitan design coupled with high functionality.



The made-to-order unit bath that is particular about every detail. One may choose not only the materials to use for the finishing touches, but also the sizes that are not available in ready-made baths. We form our baths using a waterproof pan for the structure, and because of this, we are able to make one’s dream bath a reality.



Our package unit bath. Using our Designer Bathtub ‘ERN Series’, we use the utmost simple materials so that the Japanese cypress and Towada Stone take the center stage.

SHOWER UNIT「シャワーユニット」


The WABURO Series’ long awaited shower unit is born. It does not only satisfy the goal of cleansing the body, but it also incorporates and provides a rich feel and experience through the way it was made.



In our showroom, we exhibit our Made-to-Order Bathtub ‘ERABISOU (選美槽)’, Unit Bath WABURO, Designer Bathtub ‘ERN Series’, as well as CAMBRIA’s ‘Quartz Engineered Stone ’used for kitchens, wash counters, and many others.