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In our attempts to give ‘healing’ another physical form, the Shower Unit of the WABURO Series was born.
We create our shower rooms with natural materials that give it a luxurious feel, utilizing the same installation method we use with our unit baths.
We mold one’s ideal bathroom space by using a highly modern design while ensuring that it is exceedingly waterproof, making it possible to be built anywhere in one’s home.

SHOWER UNIT's Features


Using designed tiles for the floor and walls, natural materials for the various accents of the room, and installing LED lights in the interior of the wooden panels, the space is transformed into one that feels exceedingly luxurious and gives a high impact. Through these carefully selected fine materials, one may relax and feel refreshed every time one enters the shower unit. In addition to these, the back wall is furnished with a towel nook as well as a niche shelf that may be used as storage or an ornamental space.


Front Wall Tiles


Accent Panel


Back Wall Tiles


Niche Shelf


With the integration of the open-air bath and our glass door-furnished shower unit, one is protected against the cold, thereby making it a highly pleasant bathing space.
There is no need for large-scale installation work to make this waterproof unit, making it possible for it to be completed in a short amount of time. It is also quite simple to add new features even after installation--which differentiates it from conventional installation methods wherein it is quite difficult to do so.
WABURO’s SHOWER UNIT, with its high class feel and beautiful interiors, makes it possible to establish in every possible space--not just in the bathroom--in complete harmony, whether it be in one’s bedroom or private room.


We offer 3 types based on our standard sizes

Type Price (tax not included)
WABURO SHOWER UNIT 0812 Size ¥1,150,000
WABURO SHOWER UNIT 0912 Size ¥1,220,000
WABURO SHOWER UNIT 0915 Size ¥1,270,000

※Date of delivery is 45 days after the approval of the blueprint.
※Transportation and installation expenses are not included.
※In order to provide even better products, some technical specifications of the bath may change without prior notice.