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Care and Maintenance

Daily Care and Maintenance Tips

  • After using, clean well using a soft sponge or towel and wash it with water.
  • When the dirt is especially hard to clean, use detergent and then wash with water.
  • Please avoid using hard scrubbing brushes as they may scratch the product.

Prohibited Items

  • Products such as aroma oils, massage salts, products with alcohol, and liquids/objects with coloring may change the color of the product, so please avoid using them in the bathtub.
  • Wash any products (oils, lotions, etc.) that stick to one’s skin before entering the bathtub.

Important Points to Remember

  • With bathtubs which interiors are made of wood, if the product is left to dry for a long period of time, there is a possibility that the wood might warp and change shape. Please make sure that the bathtub always has water in it to preserve the wood’s shape and moisture. (If a humidifier is being used in the room, please make sure to change the water of the machine during your next bathing session.)
  • Due to photosynthesis that occurs during the day, parts of the bathtub that are hit by direct sunlight make it easy for blue algae to form. We recommend using a bathtub cover to help prevent their formation.
  • In the event that plants or fruits are used in the bath, make sure to completely drain the water and clean the bathtub after use.

※Please don’t use the following items when cleaning the bathtub: metal scrubbing brush (steel wool), acid or chlorine based detergents, and cleansers (polishing powder, etc.)

Cleaning Process

STEP1Wash away the dirt

Wash away any remaining dirt clinging to the bath’s surface using a shower head after completely draining the bath water.

STEP2Wash the parts made of wood

Use a soft sponge and very gently brush the wooden parts of the bathtub.

STEP3Wash the parts made of stone

Use a soft brush to scrub the stone parts of the bathtub.

STEP4Wash the dirt that
is hard to clean

Use detergent for instances when dirt is hard to clean out.

STEP5Use the shower head to
wash the bathtub clean

After cleaning, use a shower head to wash away the dirt. Use a soft towel to dry the inner part of the bathtub.

STEP6Air dry

Air dry the bathtub, but please be careful to not over-dry.

※Over-drying the product can cause crevices, cracks, and the like.


  • Don’t wash the wooden parts of the bath using the brush that is used specifically for the stone parts.
  • Please refrain from cleaning using acid or chlorine based cleansers and the like.

※These may cause the materials to get damaged, stained, or change color.

Preservation and Maintenance

  • Dryness can cause the wooden parts to break or crack. If the bathtub will not be used for a long period of time, please make sure that the bathtub always has water in it to preserve the wood’s shape and moisture.
  • In the event that water cannot be kept in the bathtub, please make sure to keep a bucket filled with water inside, and keep the tub covered.

※Please be aware that since wood is a natural object that ‘lives and breathes’ as it is, it is still possible that cracks and the like may eventually appear even when one follows the steps mentioned above.