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Ustech’s Business and Handiwork

Total support for bathrooms from private homes all the way to business establishments.

Ustech Corporation is a manufacturer of baths that offer full support from customers ranging from Japanese Inns, Hotels, all the way to private individuals. We create all types of baths: bathtubs that are placed in guest baths, open-air baths, large public baths, unit baths, shower booths, and the like, all rooted on originally developed plans and designs.


Design and Manufacturing of Bathtubs for Japanese Inns and Hotels

In Ustech, we offer designer bathtubs ranging from open air baths, large-scale indoor baths for guests, unit baths, shower booths which are made for Japanese-style inns, Hotels, Sports Gyms and the like.


Manufacturing bathrooms and shower rooms for hot bath establishments

Ustech, with its long track record in installing baths for hot bath establishments and Japanese Inns, enables one to freely create the size and design one wishes for all types of baths: from bathtubs for large public baths, open air baths, to even small-set open air baths in guest rooms.


Manufacturing and selling unit baths for private homes

The unit baths that Ustech creates are made with natural materials like stone and wood, and are comparatively more spacious than most in the market. Because of this, our bathrooms give a high class feel and exemplify exquisite Japanese taste. We can create the unit baths according to the size and shape that one wishes.


Manufacturing and selling standard and made-to-order bathtubs for private homes

Ustech makes designer bathtubs that resemble ones in hotels and Japanese inns, and installs them in general residences according to the size and design that one pleases.