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Manufacturing bathrooms and shower rooms for hot bath establishments


Ustech, with its long track record in installing baths for hot bath establishments and Japanese Inns, enables one to freely create the size and design one wishes for all types of baths: from bathtubs for large public baths, open air baths, to even small-set open air baths in guest rooms.

Bathtubs with designs that may be matched
    with the scenery, with zero risk for leakages

To commercial establishments, bath leaks are quite a menacing existence. Ustech’s made-to-order bathtubs are created to have zero risk for leaks thanks to its structured stainless foundation. In addition, we combine the designed wood or stone parts together for the exterior, making it possible to customize even the smallest details--from the size to the way it looks.

As for the process with which we construct our bathtubs: due to the fact that we bring the bathtubs in a completed state straight to the establishment and install it in its designated area, the installation period is noticeably shortened. We are able to manufacture our customer’s full order in which the size and shape may be freely designed to one’s preference. To date, the largest bathtub we have made into reality was 8 meters in size. (In the event that the bathtub is too big to bring into the building, we adapt to the circumstances by dividing the product into two and connecting them at the actual installation site, etc.)

The Structure of ERABISO

Installation Merits

  • Due to the fact that we use highly durable and waterproof stainless steel, there is no danger of leaks and the risks that come with installation in the bathroom are markedly lessened.
  • Through the accuracy and high precision of the way we create our products, we are able to install the product into the bathroom perfectly without creating any gaps or crevices.
  • We are able to manufacture bathtubs of all sizes--large or small--and are able to mold them into any complicated form one wishes.

Main Installation Areas


Hot Bath Institutions, Spas, Sports/Gym Establishments

We make bathtubs that match the area and shape of large public baths of gyms/sports establishments, nursing homes, and the like. Taking into consideration that some bathtubs may be placed in multistory buildings, we have made our products quite lightweight to give the least possible weight burden.


Baths and Shower Rooms for Exclusive, Members Only Hotels and Offices

Due to our bath’s ability to give a high class air that is demanded of commercial establishments, and the ease of installation and maintenance we provide, our products have garnered quite a favorable reputation in the industry.


Bathtubs for Nursing Homes

With our baths, one may freely design particular details such as where to place the hand rails, the shape, and the like. In addition, comparing it to the general Japanese cypress baths in the market, our bath’s foundation is created with stainless steel, making it possible to renew and exchange the outer surface. With this, maintenance and the exchange of parts becomes a much easier process.

Guide to Products Made for Hot Bath Establishments


Designer Bathtubs
「ERABISOU (選美槽)」

Bathtubs that cater to the hotels that want to offer a ‘once in a life time’ encounter to every modern traveler they welcome in their vicinity.

デザイン浴槽「ERN Series」

Designer Bathtubs
「ERN Series」

Bathtubs with carefully selected materials that exemplify the market’s most popular size and coordinates.


Unit Bath

We have created the ultimate bathroom to replace the unsatisfactory “normal bathrooms” that have existed up to now.


Shower Unit

The WABURO Series’ long awaited shower unit is born. It does not only satisfy the goal of cleansing the body, but it also incorporates and provides a rich feel and experience through the way it was made.