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Business Information

A Message from the CEO

Since the establishment of our company in 1988, we have continued to create original designs for a wide range of products, starting from bathtubs for hotels, Japanese inns, private homes, nursing homes, all the way to unit baths and shower booths--all based on new and innovative developments. Through this, we have come very far, and now offer total support on anything related to the bath and its industry.

In order to share the beautiful and rich Japanese tradition of ‘bathing’ to the world, we aspire to continually make innovative products that cater to our customers’ every need.

President and CEO Shigeru Uchiyama

Corporate Philosophy

Ustech Corporation aspires to continually contribute to society by creating new value in the industry through the creation of spaces that promote healing, thereby perpetuating the exquisite Japanese culture of ‘bathing’.

Creation of Spaces that Promote Healing

  • We provide spaces that provide luxurious relaxation through the harmonization of people, water, and nature.

Creating New Value

  • We continually strive to elevate the level of our techniques, services, and designs to be able to offer ultimate satisfaction to our customers through their bathing spaces brimming with healing.

The Perpetuation of Culture and Contribution to Society

  • We contribute to society and perpetuate the traditional Japanese culture of ‘bathing’ through the creation of global and exquisite bathing spaces.