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ERABISOU (選美槽) Beautiful baths in sceneries you can choose


Made-to-order Bathtubs

Made-to-order Bathtubs

The custom that the Japanese people have been intimate with since time immemorial: bathing in a hot bath. As an important time to not only to cleanse one’s body, but also to rest one’s heart, this is something that is invaluable in a Japanese person’s daily life.
Nowadays, as people are hit with the daily stresses of life, this sentiment has all the more importance. Thus, so much more is demanded from the Japanese inn’s crucial service of delivering hot water of a bath.
The traditional and innovative ERABISOU (選美槽) is the bathtub that caters to the hotels and Japanese inns that want to offer a ‘once in a life time’ encounter to every modern traveler they welcome in their vicinity.

ERABISOU’s (選美槽) Features

No risk of leaks

Due to the fact that the core structure of the tub of Ustech’s ERABISOU (選美槽) consists of a factory-manufactured waterproof stainless steel or FRP body, there is no chance for leakages and can even be placed in a high rise multistory building.
We always test our bathtubs for leakages before shipping, thus you may rest at ease knowing that we offer only the safest products.

Reliable Product Quality

In conventional methods of construction, the quality of the end product depends on the worker’s skill, and thus there are risks involved. However, ERABISOU (選美槽) is created with precise measurements and methods, thereby eliminating that risk.
We can create bathtubs in all sorts of sizes ranging from small to large, form them in complicated shapes, and place each bathtub perfectly in the bathroom.

ERABISO’s (選美槽) Features
Shortening of a Large-scale Construction Period

Shortening of a Large-scale Construction Period

Bringing in the bathtub in its finished state, we are able to install the product to its final destination and manage the work schedule to the shortest possible time. Because of this, operational costs are also reduced. (The interior’s finishing touches may be conducted at the final destination depending on the weight of the manufactured product, the route to be taken when bringing the product to the destination, etc.)

Making the product lighter through the reduction of the amount of mortar used

Comparing to the conventional methods of construction of bathtubs wherein mortar or concrete is used to ensure that there are no crevices, the ready-made ERABISOU (選美槽) is 1/3 of its weight. Because of this, there is little weight burden to multistory floors, thereby opening many doors to where the bathtub can be placed.



Our product is different from conventional methods of construction due to the fact that we make our waterproof tub body using stainless steel or FRP. Because it is independent from the architectural skeleton, there is no chance of the tub leaking by earthquakes or land sinks.
Even with the deterioration of the wood and stone, each material can be replaced, and the waterproof body will not be damaged.

The Structure of

From its release into the market, we have been offering the highest quality of support to the Japanese inns and hotels that have availed of ERABISOU (選美槽), which design surpasses conventional bathtubs in terms of maintenance cost.
Taking into consideration the bathtub’s shape, structure, as well as the ingredients that Onsens regularly contain, we have decided to use either stainless steel or FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) for the internal foundation’s structure.

The Structure of ERABISO

Lineup and Options


Standard Model

Freedom to create, freedom to customize. A beautiful bathtub that can be integrated into the bathroom as one pleases to further deepen the impression it gives.


Concept Model

With ERABISO (選美槽), we have prepared several concept models that caters to the wishes of our customers.



With ERABISO (選美槽), we offer several additional options for one’s bath.



In our showroom, we exhibit our Made-to-Order Bathtub ‘ERABISOU (選美槽)’, Unit Bath WABURO, Designer Bathtub ‘ERN Series’, as well as CAMBRIA’s ‘Quartz Engineered Stone ’used for kitchens, wash counters, and many others.